Our automation solutions for the Automic Automation Platform

best4Automic Solution

The best4Automic Solution offers even more automation for your Automic Automation Platform.

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b4A Git Integration

Use Git integration for the Automic Automation Platform to organize your development releases.

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b4A BPMN2Workflow

Sketch out your processes in BPMN and create new workflows automatically with this solution.

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b4A Documentation Builder

Create automatic documentation for your Automic Automation Platform with best4Automic Solution.

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b4A Deployment Solution

Optimize your deployment processes on the Automic Automation Platform with this solution.

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With b4A we have delivered solutions that make working with Automic even more efficient

Extended Automation with b4A

best4Automic is a collection of modules that extends the Automic Automation Platform (formerly UC4) to include some important functions. b4A is based entirely on best practices which we have applied in many projects.

The idea behind b4A is to automate manual processes when working with the Automic AutomationEngine. With best4Automic Solution, we offer solutions in the following categories:

  • Analysis
  • Mass changes
  • Transport
  • Optimization of development processes
  • Daily Doing

The advantages to you of our best4Automic Solution

With over 100 modules for extended automation

b4A was designed to automate extensive tasks, mass changes and recurring activities. Over 700 days of development work have already gone into b4A, together with a wealth of best practices.

The possible applications for b4A are varied. Whether it’s extensive analysis of your environment, mass changes to objects, completion of migration, clearing work, mapping of efficient transport and development processes or day-to-day activities: with b4A, you can not only achieve all this much faster, more easily and cheaply, but you also have the security of automated processes. In particular in environments with high compliance requirements, you can therefore document completion of complex tasks and organize them so that they can be tracked.

Simple in application, complex in scope – that’s best4Automic

Overall, b4A consists of well over 100 standard modules that can be used in everyday life and to find solutions in projects.

Individually, the modules can already take a lot of work off you and save a huge amount of time. By combining individual modules you can create complex services.

b4A can also be used as a component of Automic objects. Overall, best4Automic is a solution that can be adapted flexibly to the needs of our customers.

Use b4A to implement transport processes effectively in your Automic AutomationEngine or to optimize your development processes via your Automic Workload Automation. Use the b4A solution to make mass changes in the context of projects (keyword naming conventions) or to complete adjustments to pending migrations automatically and with minimum effort. Or would you perhaps like to know which objects are still active or require evaluation or which activations have been completed for each business unit?

You can achieve all of this with b4A, and the list of functions is growing continually.

At home on any platform with best4Automic

Installation of our best4Automic solution is largely independent of platform and it can run in all standard Unix, Linux and Windows environments. The following derivatives are supported and have been tested with b4A:

  • Linux (Ubuntu/Debian, SLES, RHEL)
  • Unix (AIX, Solaris)
  • Windows (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server2008 R2 and higher)

b4A uses the JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) and requires Oracle Java 8u40. The cross-platform JRE is free of charge and is a prerequisite for working with b4A.

b4A uses the existing Java API in the AutomationEngine and is thus based on Automic standards, as used for the ECC and AWI of Automic Workload Automation.


Get more out of your automation
  • Workshop day on site
  • Process analysis
  • Top-class experts


Make a start with best4Automic
  • Installation on site
  • Instruction
  • Solution workshop

best4Automic Best Practices

Design your own b4A processes
  • Detailed workshop on site
  • Automation analysis
  • Solution sketches

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