Our automation solutions

best4Automic Solution

In the course of administrative work and projects, extensive manual tasks are frequently required on the Automic Automation Platform. The range of activities includes mass changes, clearance work, complex analyses and essential day-to-day tasks.

The best4Atomic Solution (b4A) offers an extensive set of modules for these activities, which extend the functionality of your Automic Automation Platform, simplify the work, and eliminate manual errors (in particular in mass changes).

With the best4Automic Solution, over 100 modules are currently available in the following categories:

  • Modules for carrying out analyses
  • Modules for reading information
  • Modules for carrying out mass changes to the system
  • Modules for transporting, importing and exporting objects
  • Modules for package management in the Automation Engine
  • Tools for the Automation Engine
  • Provision of services

best4Automic is based on its own framework, which makes it possible to add new modules quickly and make flexible adjustments to the respective environments.

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