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b4A Documentation Builder

Documentation of systems is required to make information available specifically to various target groups and can include additional work instructions in Automic environments in particular. These include, for example, workarounds and special instructions in the event of job cancellations. Documentation therefore creates transparency and can be an important tool in the context of audits.

Creating documentation is time-consuming, however, and requires daily maintenance to provide current documents at all times. The documentation is frequently completed with external tools so that it can also be made available to various target groups. Because of the large proportion of manual work, it is rare to come across standardized, continuously updated documentation of environments.

To optimize the documentation, this solution is based on generating it automatically. A standard is provided with this solution to unify documentation and reduce the manual work involved.

The solution can generate documentation on the basis of packages. Dependencies between packages are also documented in this process. Objects and tasks can be linked and offer an overview of the packages.

The best4Automic Solution reads the properties of objects automatically in this context. This can include information such as settings/attributes such as “Generate for runtime”, content of scripts (including pre-script and post-script/conditions), package configurations, dependencies, versions, etc. This information is prepared on the basis of templates. The files generated from these templates can then be imported into any target systems, such as Confluence, MediaWiki, or any other systems based on text files. For example, it is equally possible to generate SVCG graphics of workflows.

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