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We already advise reputable companies and groups in the area of digital transformation. We see our role as giving our clients a competitive edge through automated business processes.

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There are numerous ways in which automation can be implemented in a company. We use the technologies in accordance with their potential and link the various technologies to deliver successful automation projects.

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With our consultants and software developers, we implement automation projects wherever automation brings a competitive advantage.

Through automation, we connect different worlds and use established technologies in doing so.

Business Process Automation

Our core area of automation. We automate your business processes. As a premium partner of CA Automic, we not only have the necessary expertise. We are one of the largest premium partners in Germany.

Modern Software Factory

Our many years of experience from software development processes give us an understanding of automation of business processes, microservice architectures and automation of DevOps processes.


ERP systems like SAP are the backbone of processes in many companies. As a long-standing SAP consulting company, we know our way round this area and create integrated automation solutions here too.

Mastering the challenges of digitization

Making companies competitive through automation

For many years now, IT has been used to optimize processes, make them more efficient and cut costs. Today we live in a disruptive, increasingly automated business world. Anyone who wants to remain competitive in the future cannot avoid making their company digital.

The broad perspective of consultants, technological expertise of architects and developers, knowledge of automation architectures and solutions and a company which is already putting automation and innovation into practice. These are our ingredients for effective, successful automation projects.

We have combined them all under one roof at best-blu – WE AUTOMATE BUSINESS

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For us, automation is one of the cornerstones of the future and of digitization. Banks, trading companies, logistics service providers, energy supply companies, insurance companies, industrial and service companies: we can all benefit from digitization.

Many businesses are in the starting blocks, but they still have the whole race ahead of them. We help companies to implement their visions and objectives.

Everything that can be automated is being automated.

Gerd Leonhard, futurist, author and CEO of The Futures Agency

Digitization is not just a challenge for many companies, but also an opportunity. Automation ensures that customers’ needs can be fulfilled at all times and everywhere – 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The knowledge and skills of our employees are a valuable commodity – far too valuable to use them in standard processes that can be automated.

We at best-blu think automation, advise companies on how business processes can be automated, and implement the solutions successfully in projects.

The modern digital company

A digital company creates a competitive advantage through innovative digital technologies and takes a digital approach to customer interaction, operations and business models.

We help our clients to become digital companies. Our core areas are: automation of business processes, implementation of modern, agile software factories, and microservice organizations and ERP automation.

Our expertise in automation, our many years of experience in consultancy and software development projects, our deep understanding of important ERP applications and the knowledge of high-quality consultants in our bestXperts excellence initiative make us a key player in automation.

Digitization without automation is inconceivable.

Automation is the key to digitization.

We have been supporting companies in automation projects for many years. No technology offers more opportunities for optimizing processes than automation. Short time-to-market cycles and cost reductions are inconceivable without automation. The most important areas of digitization are thus based on automation.

Automation solutions for companies

Our services

Business Process Automation

Advice and implementation covering all aspects of Automic/UC4. As a long-standing partner of Automic, an Expert Advantage Partner of Broadcom, a CA Authorized Tier 2 Reseller and with our own best4Automic solution, we are a key player in this area.


Whether it’s self-service, microservice architectures or the use of various APIs and interfaces with third-party systems. It’s time to rethink services and use them in an automated process.

Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure is at the heart of IT. It is often scorned for being expensive and too slow. We help to optimize your IT processes and make them cost-efficient. With an appropriate level of automation, of course.

DevOps Automation

DevOps or NoOps is an idea that relies heavily on automation. In this context, we are not only familiar with the technologies, but also the processes for optimizing the provision of new software releases.

ERP Automation

Companies cannot survive without enterprise resource planning. We are particularly familiar with the world of SAP – and with technologies that facilitate automation across the board. That’s an unbeatable combination.

Service Orchestration

Interaction and flexible organization of services in a company offers many opportunities to improve the quality of processes, to automate the interplay of services and to increase the flexibility of process chains at the same time. We show you how.

Expertise in consulting and implementation


We at best-blu consulting with energy GmbH specialize in automating business processes of large and medium-sized companies and groups. This makes us a successful IT consulting company. With approx. 35 staff, we currently work in the four core areas of digitization: business process automation, business process management, software development, and ERP processes (SAP).

As the first Broadcom Expert Advantage Partner in the D-A-C-H region, as a CA Authorized Tier 2 Reseller and of course through our successful automation projects at well-known companies, we have made a name for ourselves as a specialist for automation and digitization of business processes.

best-blu consulting with energy GmbH is part of the BTC Group – led by BTC Business Technology Consulting AG. BTC Business Technology Consulting AG is an IT service provider based in Oldenburg. The company operates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, France, Romania, Japan, China and the USA and employs more than 2,300 people.

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