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Do you want to make the world a better place? We do too. Become part of a team that pursues precisely that aim. Every day!


best-blu is a modern company. We see ourselves as idealists – our primary aim is to offer good, innovative solutions. This is also reflected in our corporate culture.


With the possibility to work in a home office, you can decide yourself from which location you want to work. You can meet your colleagues in person at our offices or at our company events. We equip you with everything you need for mobile working.


best-blu is a world in which we look for solutions together, where you can really call yourself a team and colleagues are open to questions.


best-blu is a place where everyone can be a bit of a boss. Our open door policy, which by the way is also lived digitally, allows a smooth exchange with each other, decisions can be made quickly and you get help quickly.


best-blu is a place where ideas and innovation take the lead and not stuffy processes that “have always been that way”.
We are looking for

World changers

Did you study or train in STEM fields to optimize processes? Are you bothered by processes that do not run smoothly? Are you determined to make things a little better? Do you also want to make clients and users happy? And do you like technology? Do you believe you are one of the best?

Then you have come to the right place!

Technology and expertise in development are important, but they are not the priority. We want people who think in terms of processes and can join us and our clients in looking for optimal solutions.

Do you have your own ideas about that?

Then you will be very welcome. And we will introduce you to any technological areas that are unfamiliar to you.
Let us show you how you can contribute your ideas and play your part in making the world a little better!


Our current job offers


... and what makes us that.

Our world changers bring highly varied skills which are important to our company, our team and our clients. We have in our ranks colleagues who originate from open source software consulting and development and thus bring extensive knowledge of Linux and Unix, which is important for our projects.

Other colleagues contribute expertise as SAP consultants. Knowledge of procedures, SAP architectures and the world of SAP as a whole helps us to satisfy clients whose automation strategy also includes SAP.

Even former BS2000 and zOS developers are doing sterling service for us in making the legacy world a little more modern – or even bringing it completely into the new world of automation. And last but not least: our software and database developers, who have a command of a variety of languages and thus act as interpreters between the various worlds.

All of them are now world changers!


  • I like being with best-blu because I’m not just part of a firm that imposes its processes and views on me, but one where I can play an active part in shaping them and I can affect them. Starting with feedback sessions in various groups, through the opportunity to specialize independently and identify new areas for our clients as a result, to active participation in meetings and decisions of the management board.

    Michael Basse
    Senior Consultant Automic
  • Even as a working student, you are part of a whole here. With the help of best-blu, I got to grips with my bachelor’s dissertation, which would not have been feasible without the cooperation of my colleagues.

    Christian Schaf
    Working Student
  • I like working for best-blu because we are all very flexible at best-blu and we don’t just follow rigid paths. As employees, we are happy and we are also able to help our clients quickly and often with a minimum of red tape.

    Andreas Jähnichen
    Senior Consultant Automic
  • I like being with best-blu because best-blu is continually developing and I can play a part in that.

    Birgit Mietzner
    Senior Associate
  • It is important to us that ideas can be put into practice. We offer the scope to do that. Scope that can be used to implement your own ideas, develop innovations or familiarize yourself with new technologies and topics. That not only motivates our employees, but provides a wealth of new ideas and innovations from which our clients benefit.

    Johannes Wiethölter
    Senior Manager Sales
  • We work in an agile company. It’s not only projects that are run in an agile way. Our entire company is agile. This gives us a very high degree of transparency in the company, and we operate with a positive error culture. But that alone is not enough to make an agile company. Everyone in the company changes the company. Together we tackle the objectives that we want to achieve. I believe that this is what modern companies have to look like.

    Christian Rothberger
    Management Director
  • I like working for best-blu because it helped me to gain a foothold in an entirely new area following my parental leave. The jump from my actual specialism of architecture to IT architecture worked only with a great deal of trust on both sides and the opportunity to work from home.

    Dorith Wiethölter
    Marketing and Recruiting
  • I like seeing the enthusiasm and success with which new and innovative topics are always being developed in the team. This leads to continuous development in the interests of the company, the individual employees and, last but not least, our clients.

    Alexander Beck
    Principal Consultant SAP
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