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Functions for the Daily Doing
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Your goal is to provide a stable automation platform. Reduce manual tasks to a minimum, provide functions that support you in increasing the security of your systems and save time by eliminating or shortening tedious or lengthy tasks. This is what we achieve with best4Automic. 

You don’t know which objects are still actively used in Automic Automation and your statistics records only cover a small period of time? Are you looking for a way to automatically deactivate user accounts? You don’t want to make mass changes by manipulating and reimporting XML exports manually or via scripts? Are you looking for references in objects? You want to change values in variables automatically? Or quite simply: you no longer want to manually delete a complex folder structure in Automic? With best4Automic, you have almost 130 modules at your disposal that provide these functions and many more – at the push of a button. Because with best4Automic, you can expand the potential of your automation platform. We show you how!


With the best4Automic Solution, modules in the following categories are available today for daily tasks:

  • Modules for performing analyses
  • Modules for reading out information
  • Modules for making mass changes in the system
  • Modules for transporting, importing and exporting objects
  • Modules for package management in the Automation Engine
  • Auxiliary tools for the Automation Engine
  • Provision of services

best4Automic is based on a proprietary framework that allows new modules to be added quickly or flexible adjustments to be made for the respective environments.

Our experience: By consistently using best4Automic, you not only get one step closer to the goal of a stable automation environment, but also free up time for new topics.