Application Management Services for Automic - the service that keeps your Automic environment and processes running smoothly

Automic operation presents companies with a wide variety of challenges:

  • Since Automic is mostly used in companies for strategic and important core processes, a disruption in this environment usually has far-reaching consequences for the company
  • Teams that are too small often jeopardize adequate monitoring and fast incident or request processing, or the guarantee of monitoring and fast incident processing comes at the cost of high personnel costs (and therefore high costs)
  • There is often a lack of in-depth know-how in the team or knowledge is limited to Automic designers or Automic administration
  • A lack of experience in carrying out upgrades and/or in technical implementation fuels fears of these issues and often leads to them being ignored
  • The hardware and database for Automic must be provided, configured and maintained. This in turn requires expertise within the company, and dedicated hardware in particular can cause enormous costs
  • Licenses must be procured and managed for Automic and possibly for the database. This also leads to high administrative costs

With AMS4Automic, we have taken up the challenge and offer you the service you need to ensure that your Automic environment runs smoothly.

We take care of your business processes in Automic and respond to interruptions and problems, even around the clock. You can choose how much work you want us to do for you from a comprehensive catalog of services. On request, we can also provide the infrastructure for the Automic environment in a highly available hyperscaler cloud.

As a specialist in business process automation with Automic and many years of experience in the field of Application Management Services (AMS), we support your systems around the clock with our broad-based team of automation experts. At a level that you can only achieve with a great deal of effort.

The AMS4Automic solution is anchored across the Group in the BTC Group’s Automation business area. In this Business Area Automation, best-blu and BTC work together to leverage joint potential.

With the anchoring of this service in the Automation business area, the services of our existing Managed Services Automic offering will also be expanded.

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24/7 Support

Cost-effective 24/7 support for your Automic environment and automation.

24/7 Operation

24/7 Operation.


Relieve your internal experts of administrative tasks.


Automic know-how always up to date.


Training and advice for your Automic success.


Benefit from direct Broadcom access thanks to our Automic Expert Advantage certification.


Experts in the operation of cloud environments and in the data backup of Automic landscapes.

Our service packages

As monthly fixed-price costs - so that your costs remain clear and plannable.
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With this package, we focus mainly on relieving your 1st level support and operations:

  • Monitoring events
  • Maintaining checklists
  • Start & stop of processes
  • Scheduling and unscheduling of processes
  • Availability monitoring of agents, Automic system processes and AE database
  • Fault processing
  • Problem reports


With App-Ready+, the services from App-Ready are expanded to include operational tasks:

  • Creation/customization of jobs, workflows and processes
  • Agent installations and ensuring availability
  • Creating individual authorizations and/or user groups
  • Checking / adapting objects as part of release management


With the App-Full package, which you can book in addition to App-Ready or App-Ready+, you also receive support and advice on topics such as

  • Cluster fail-over tests
  • Testing and installation of service packs, hotfixes
  • Planning, design and implementation of upgrades
  • Carrying out trend analyses and load tests
  • Backup and recovery

Automic Plattform on Hyperscale as SaaS

By combining our many years of experience in the provision, operation and further development of highly flexible and at the same time highly available applications in the AWS cloud with our comprehensive Automic expertise, we can provide you with the process management platform as SaaS in a highly available Kubernetes cluster based on AWS EKS.

The Kubernetes edition of the Automic platform shines with its modular architecture with additional stability compared to the “conventional” on-premise version.

By simultaneously hosting the associated database in a highly available cloud setup, a very high level of reliability can be achieved.

The service packages do not match your requirements?

With AMS4Automic, you and we are flexible. Services that are not included in a booked package can be ordered via a non-standard service request. Billing is then on a time and material basis.

Feel free to contact us to find out more details from our service catalog!

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