The specialist in business automation

Who are we?

We have been working with IT and IT processes for many years. Our experience in software development, consulting in the SAP environment and our numerous projects in the Automic/UC4 environment have made us what we are today.

A crucial step for us was combining the topic areas together. This means that we are now a specialist in business process automation and workflow automation.

Overview of best-blu

what makes us different

We at best-blu consulting with energy GmbH specialize in automating business processes of large and medium-sized companies and groups. This makes us a successful IT consulting company. With approx. 35 staff, we currently work in the four core areas of digitization: business process automation, business process management, software development, and ERP processes (SAP).

As the first Broadcom Expert Advantage Partner in the D-A-C-H region, as a CA Authorized Tier 2 Reseller, with our excellence initiative bestXperts – an association of well-known personalities in the IT industry – and of course through our successful automation projects at well-known companies, we have made a name for ourselves as a specialist for automation and digitization of business processes.

Best-blu consulting with energy GmbH is part of the BTC Group – led by BTC Business Technology Consulting AG. BTC Business Technology Consulting AG is an IT service provider based in Oldenburg. The company operates in Germany, Poland, Turkey, France, Romania, Japan, China and Switzerland and employs over 1,800 staff.

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Formation of Heisys GmbH
Renaming of the company as best-blu consulting with energy
Formation of the best-blu group
Cooperation with UC4, which is now CA Automic
New foundation of the bestXperts excellence network in best-blu
Strategic alignment of the company with the topic of automation
Partnership with Camunda
Merger with BTC AG
CA Authorized Tier 2 Reseller
Expert Advantage Partner of Broadcom
Philosophy of our company

What is our vision?

We want to help companies to master the challenge of digitization. Our aim is to be a pioneer in automation and to combine technological competence with innovation and creative solutions. We are idealists, but not just technophiles. We also believe in good solutions. In doing so, we want to create added value for our clients – sustainably.

Would you like to know more about us?

Then get to know us and our services a little better. We look forward to working with you.