One solution, 4 bundles and over 1,000 possibilities to extend your automation


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The strengths of our automation solution at a glance

To the point: The best4Automic Solution extends the functions of Automic Automation with its own modules. As consultants, we know many challenges that developers, users and administrators have to overcome with Automic Automation. best4Automic provides many best practices in simple functions. 


best4Automic currently comprises approx. 130 function extensions for Automic Automation, which can be combined with each other. 


Use the functions of the best4Automic Solution according to your requirements. There are 4 bundles available for this purpose, or you can opt for the All in One variant right away. 

Simple. Understandable.

Automation doesn’t have to be complicated. With best4Automic, we simplify the daily work with Automic Automation. If you like, in a language you can understand, without technical verbiage.

Easily maintain a stable environment

best4Automic for Administrators

Your goal is to maintain and optimize a stable automation platform. We help you with many modules to keep track and meet regulatory requirements by creating simple and automated workflows for more security and stability.  We simplify migrations or even secure and traceable mass changes in Automic Automation, can analyze objects, search for obsolete objects, or even simplify user management in Automic. Our Classic bundle offers many of these features to save you time on a day-to-day basis and give you peace of mind that your environment is free of security vulnerabilities. 


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best4Automic Solution

The best4Automic Solution offers even more automation for your Automic Automation Platform.

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Just one example from practice: Reduce daily activities to a minimum with simple approvals. best4Automic makes this possible.

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Software Lifecycle - a round thing

best4Automic for developers

best4Automic simplifies the entire development process in Automic Automation. Whether providing new releases, a Git integration on package level, test automation or an automatic documentation. The package management of best4Automic simplifies the complete process, so that the developer can concentrate on the activities he is good at: The development of new and complex workflows. The rest is done by best4Automic at the push of a button. Simply select a release, deploy it to the desired client, and you’re done. No more customization. Even the test automation is done by best4Automic. And if you want to generate simple workflows, best4Automic has the right modules for you with BPMN2Workflow. 

Whether Continuous Delivery, Software Pipeline or DevOps – with best4Automic, we offer you the functions that enable you to implement these goals. Simple. Automatically. 


Just one of the highlights of best4Automic: Install a new package in Automic Automation in the client where it is needed. Just one click away!

b4A Deployment Solution

Optimize your deployment process in the Automic Automation Platform with this solution.

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b4A Git Integration

Use Git Integration for Automic Automation Platform to organize all versions of your development.

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b4A Documentation Builder

Create automated documentation of your Automic Automation Platform with this function of the best4Automic Solution.

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Enterprise automation for everyone!

best4Automic for users

Use the best4Automic Service Portal to execute your processes and keep a transparent overview of which process step your workflow is currently in. In a language that is easy and understandable for you. With best4Automic, we close the gap between business users and the automation teams, making automation available throughout the company. 

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b4A Service Portal

No more technical verbiage: With the b4A Service Portal, workflows can be started and information displayed briefly, concisely and comprehensibly for every user.

By embedding approval workflows, more security in process automation is achieved!

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Simply start a workflow. Adhoc or at a specific time. So many possibilities!

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Various possibilities to use the functions of b4A


Create an automation platform and access a wide range of functions via the various options of the best4Automic Suite. Whether you use the best4Automic GUI, the Service Portal, or prefer Commandline, the use of modules in workflows or the included RESTful API of best4Automic is entirely up to you. We offer you the possibility to use automation the way you need it for your requirements. 

Customized to your needs

Flexible packages

With best4Automic, you have the choice of which bundles you want to use. You can choose between:

  • Classic Bundle (incl. b4A Service Portal)
  • Package Management
  • Git Integration
  • Test Automation

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Even more best practices and information in detail

White papers and documentations

White Papers

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Documentation for best4Automic

Here you will find all information about the best4Automic releases.

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