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best4Automic Solution

With best4Automic Solution, we offer a functional extension for Automic that makes automation in and with Automic even easier – that’s Extended Automation.

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requests4Automic Solution

Request management made easy with r4A. Close the gap between Automic and the business department and relieve your employees.



With our services, we offer you various services related to Automic, such as Automic V21-Upgrade, Healthcheck, theAutomic Automation Maturity Level or AMS4Automic.

Possible application scenarios with


Self Services

Self Services in Automic are becoming more and more important to bring automation to the actual customers and business departments. best4Automic offers not only a dedicated service portal, but possibilities to offer small approval workflows. All with an intuitive and simple interface.

Deployments in Automic

Simple and secure deployment that also meets the strict regulatory requirements of many companies. This is possible with best4Automic and the Package Management. 

Massenänderungen und mehr

Whether changes to many objects in Automic, extension of workflows or simply activities of everyday business. With the modules and bundles of best4Automic, everyday life becomes easier. 

Expand your automation capabilities with


best4Automic is a collection of modules that adds important functionality to the Automic Automation Platform. b4A is entirely based on best practices that we have implemented in many projects as an Automic Premium Service Partner.

b4A was designed to automate large-scale activities, mass changes or recurring activities. Today, b4A already contains over 700 days of development work and a wealth of best practices approaches that have been incorporated into well over 100 modules.

The application areas of b4A are manifold. Whether the extensive analysis of your environment, the mass change of objects, execution of migrations, cleanup tasks, the mapping of efficient transport and development processes or the daily doing: With b4A you can not only accomplish this much faster, easier and cheaper, but also have the security of automated processes. Especially in environments with high compliance requirements, you can thus document the execution of complex tasks and make them traceable.


Our best4Automic Solution

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requests4Automic, Prozess Automatisierung


Intuitive and simple user interface for commissioning new workflows, for automation in Automic. This enables customers and departments to design and commission their own workflows. Simple workflows can thus be automatically transferred to Automic Automation without much effort. This is what modern request management looks like today. 

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Start services yourself, track processing transparently and also track incidents. This is the goal of requests4Automic. It brings the automation of complex workflows closer to your departments. 

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Incident Management

Simplify collaboration between automation teams and business departments with requests4Automic’s incident management. Thus, incidents can be made transparent, solved quickly and Automic teams can be relieved. 

Make automation tangible in the company

Request management in Automic made easy with requests4Automic

Users increasingly demand high quality and fast provision of services. To meet these requirements with a high degree of efficiency and cost control, greater standardization and customer orientation in request management is required.

With requests4Automic (r4A), we enable departments to design their own workflows without programming knowledge. These workflows can be selected in their own service catalog and can be executed themselves. Via the integrated Camunda Engine, users can track the status of their own process at any time and resolve incidents themselves.

Our requests4Automic Solution

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Application Management Services for Automic - the service that keeps your Automic environment and processes running smoothly.

With AMS4Automic, we offer you the service you need to keep your Automic environment running smoothly.

We take care of your business processes in Automic and respond to interruptions and problems, even around the clock. You can choose how much work you want us to do for you from a comprehensive catalog of services. On request, we can also provide the infrastructure for the Automic environment in a highly available hyperscale cloud.

Our Service AMS4Automic

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Automic-Services for your company

Our service packages

V21 Upgrade Package

We have put together our V21 service package based on our experience. With this package we would like to help you to carry out the necessary migration safely, stress-free and quickly and with calculable effort!

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Automic Health Check

With the Health Check for Automic, we help you to deploy Automic systems in a stable, high-performance and resource-efficient manner. Avoid failures and bottlenecks in automation and optimize your Automic environment.

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Automic Automation Maturity Level

Building on our years of experience in implementing, optimizing and operating Automic, we have developed an analysis that helps you assess your Automic landscape and organization. Based on this, we work with you to develop an Automic future vision and concrete steps to make it a reality.

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