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Automic teams are often overworked. A large part of their work involves simple repetitive tasks, such as setting up, developing or scheduling simple workflows. Starting or stopping workflows at the request of the business departments or incident handling in coordination with the business departments are also part of the daily tasks. In many companies, requests for simple workflows are not made in a standardized manner, which leads to many queries or questions of understanding. This leaves little time for critical, important and sometimes complex automation tasks.

With requests4Automic (r4A), we enable business departments to design their own workflows without programming knowledge.  These workflows can be selected in a separate service catalog and can be executed by the user. Via the integrated Camunda Engine, users can track the status of their own process at any time and resolve incidents themselves.

Users increasingly demand high quality and fast service delivery. In order to meet these requirements with a high degree of efficiency and cost control, greater standardization and customer orientation in request management is required.

for all users

An intuitive and simple user interface makes r4A attractive for all users.


r4A is tool-neutral and can therefore be used in any environment.


An expandable catalog of requests also makes it possible to map company-specific processes around your Automic system.


Every request in r4A is traceable at any time via the integrated Camunda engine, both for users and for support.


r4A is a product for our customers – therefore we want you to actively participate. Shape new features and the roadmap together with us.

Automate processes for the entire company


Intuitive and simple user interface for commissioning new workflows, for automation in Automic. This enables business departments to easily create new, automated workflows. This means that new workflows are available more quickly and can therefore be used more quickly. At the same time, the developers in the automation teams are relieved and the many processes are also documented in an understandable form. At the same time, you are not locked into processes in Automic Automation. This is how automation works today. Requests4Automic could also look like this in your company. We are happy to respond to your wishes.


requests4Automic, Prozess Automatisierung
requests4Automic, Genehmigungsprozess, Automation, Automic, Requests
Stay in control!

Approve processes

With workflows that can be designed as desired, requests can be approved using simple approval procedures and rework can be requested or rejected. For more quality and transparency in business processes. These workflows are not limited to new workflows, but can be used in many different business processes. For more interaction in business processes.

Self-services for all!

Easy startup of processes

Self-services are an important tool for all business units. They create flexibility in the execution of tasks and offer a new level of service quality for customers and departments. With requests4Automic, we bring together the stability of Automic Automation with the flexibility that departments and customers expect today, creating a whole new application experience.

requests4Automic, Prozess Automatisierung, Automation, Automic, Requests, Start
requests4Automic, Incident Management, Automation, Automic, Requests
Resolve incidents quickly with request4Automic

Incident Management

Many aborts and incidents in automation can be resolved quickly if the right information is in the right place. IT is not always familiar with the business processes in detail, so it helps, that a lot if business departments are involved in solving incidents. With requests4Automic we create transparency in which step the processes are currently in and show what the problem is. Users of requests4Automic can solve the incidents and initiate the necessary follow-up action so that automation can be continued quickly. This not only reduces the workload of the Automic support teams, but also reduces downtime and saves costs.

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