Today we would like to tell you about an area of best-blu that has so far been rather hidden, at least as far as reports in the social media are concerned: our cooperation with FOM Berlin, which originally arose from personal contacts between our colleague Michael Basse and Prof. Dr. Matthias Murawski from FOM Berlin.
For some time now, our colleague Michael Basse has been giving regular guest lectures at the FOM Berlin on various IT topics. This was also the case last Friday on the subject of “Open Source in companies”. This guest lecture was part of the course “Fundamentals of Digital Business” as part of the Master’s program “Business Consulting & Digital Management”.
For best-blu, contact with students is of immense importance, not only to discover potential colleagues of tomorrow, but also to share our knowledge with the students.
In order to share this knowledge with you, we will be turning the topics of the lectures into blog posts from time to time in the new year and making them available to you.

If you would like to know more about FOM Berlin and its study concept, you are welcome to read on:

With over 50,000 students, FOM is one of the largest universities in Europe. It is an initiative of the non-profit foundation BildungsCentrum der Wirtschaft based in Essen. FOM offers high school graduates, working professionals and international students the opportunity to study while working. It offers over 50 practice-oriented degree courses in the fields of Business & Management, Business & Psychology, Business & Law, Health & Social Affairs, IT Management and Engineering. All FOM Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are both state and internationally recognized. You can study at FOM either in the lecture hall at one of 34 university centers nationwide or in digital live studies in virtual presence – broadcast live from FOM’s high-tech studios.