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b4A BPMN2Workflow

This solution provides a service for generating automated workflows in the Automation Engine from BPMN2 models. This makes it possible to describe new requirements of workflows using BPMN2 models and to create them automatically via the solution. All without any significant interventions by developers. The established BPMN standard is used for designing workflows. The solution puts departments in the position of being able to create independent workflows that meet their own requirements and also to make them available to others.

The idea behind this solution is that ready-made micro services can be made in the framework of the solution. These independent services and tasks can be combined through a BPMN2 modeler (e.g. Camunda modeler) to create independent workflows and essential information can be added. Thanks to these BPMN2 models and the characteristics, the solution is capable of generating finished workflows.

The best4Automic BPMN to Workflow Solution is based on b4A packages that can draw on the structure of the Automic Action Packs. In the standard pre-configuration, the structure of the action packs can be taken into account, allowing clients who already use Action Packs to start immediately.

The best4Automic BPMN to Package Solution is already in use in conjunction with the OpenSource BPMN2 modeler from camunda. In principle, other BPMN2 modelers can be used.

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