COMING SOON! The new b4A Release 5.4 and b4A Service Portal 2.0

On December 15th the new best4Automic Release 5.4 and at the same time the new best4Automic Service Portal 2.0 will be launched. We would like to give you a sneak preview of the new Service Portal and of course make you a little curious!
The new b4A Service Portal not only has a new design, but also new functionalities. The input masks of the services have been improved in several areas. On the one hand, timestamp and time input fields are now supported and, on the other hand, this release is the first time that the Service Portal shows an input field that PromptSets cannot handle and that customers have requested. With the new version, it is possible to use input fields for uploading a file. This opens up new possibilities for transferring data to processes and offering our users additional services.
Stay tuned!