New releases from b4A and the b4A Service Portal!

Once again, a new best4Automic and Service Portal release has seen the light of day! And in the middle of the quarter? Yes! One of best-blu’s customers has commissioned several man-days so that our development team can bring out a new release 1.5 months ahead of schedule.
The numerous hours spent in the development rooms paid off. In addition to new modules for managing package releases, which will be successively expanded with additional backends, and an index for Git repositories, two features requested by customers have been incorporated into the RESTful API and the service portal. Firstly, support for “passive services”, i.e. services that cannot be started but can only be monitored. On the other hand, prompts/PRPTs that occur in the middle of a process can now be recognized. Of course, all of this also had to be mapped in the Service Portal. Incidentally, this release has become v24 compatible. Without losing compatibility with v21, of course.

We wish our best4Automic customers lots of fun with the new features!

All b4A customers can find the highlights from these two releases under the following links:
Release Notes best4Automic 5.5.0
Release Notes best4Automic Service Portal

If you are not yet a best4Automic customer but are wondering whether this solution could be of interest to your company, please contact us at: ! We will show you in a demo how best4Automic could be used in your company.