b4A Service Portal 1.3 – Preview!

Administer services – fast and mega simple!

With the best4Automic Service Portal, we have set out to make automation in companies even easier and to bring it to where automation and self services are needed. The Service Portal is designed and developed in such a way that providing services is child’s play. And it does so even under strict authorization requirements.

Imagine your company is already using the b4A Service Portal to easily run workflows in Automic. Now other groups and users want to run self services as well.

Previously, this required maintaining an XML configuration document in the Automic engine. The complexity and structure of maintaining XML is eliminated in the future version of the b4A Service Portal. As a result, it is now much easier to configure groups and categories and to add services to the categories. This is because an administration area has been created in the new release of the Service Portal, which makes the already uncomplicated setup even easier and clearer. This makes setup child’s play and can also be taken over by other teams with just a few clicks. This takes the burden off Automic teams and makes automation available everywhere faster!

This new feature will be rolled out with the b4A Service Portal in version V1.3. At the end of June, it will be available for every best4Automic user.