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Deployment Solution

best4Automic, Service Portal
best4Automic, Service Portal, GIT

This solution provides a standard for the planning and deployment of releases for the development of objects in the Automic Automation Platform. This standard is based on software development principles. In combination with the optional solution best4Automic Git Integration, the developer can access functionalities of a version control system. 

Guideline Check

A stable environment starts with clean code

Have new releases checked for compliance with coding guidelines and policies. With best4Automic, we not only check whether important guidelines are met, but also whether dependencies of other packages are available in the required version. This ensures: The code is as it should be and all sources are available for use.

With best4Automic, you get closer to meeting important regulatory requirements. 

Package Management

Click. Deploy. Done.

Initialize releases or packages in Automic, create them and then also deploy them to the desired environment. best4Automic makes the process as simple as possible. No time-consuming reconciliations as to whether objects in the transport case are ready, whether all required objects are available or whether it is necessary to clean up old objects. No matter if hotfix or complex adjustments. And when it comes down to it: even the way back to the old version. Exactly like that. Simple. 

Configuration Management

Forget post-deployment tasks

Every client needs different configurations – of course. With best4Automic, you define them once. Then Package Management takes care of the rest. No more post-deployment, no more subsequent adjustments of objects in the clients. This is not only simple, but our answer to how you can ensure tamper-free releases. 

Die best4Automic Deployment-Solution basiert auf b4A Packages, die sich an die Struktur der Automic Action Packs anlehnen können. In der Standard-Vorkonfiguration wird die Struktur der Action Packs berücksichtigt, so dass Kunden, die bereits Action Packs nutzen, sofort starten können.